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Gun Cabinet Plans: Beautiful Display Cases For Your Guns

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Guns need to be secured in a cabinet that is not accessible to children. Finding the perfect cabinet that will safely house your gun collection while at the same time, display them beautifully is a challenge. It's a good thing that there are many gun cabinet plans online that have wonderful designs that meet this two-fold requirement!

The most popular gun cabinet plans always include a mechanism for securing the guns. Your gun cabinet should be strong enough to deter unauthorized access, be it in the form of a good door lock, locking cables and cross bars. Some gun owners even use trigger locks so that the display case won't easily be opened. Most gun cabinet plans online focus on these same requirements, too.

Other gun owners who intend to build display cases look for gun cabinet plans that have dual or triple purposes, such as being a collections cabinet or even as a book case. Gun cabinets may also be designed as popular furniture pieces that can add decorative and unique flavor to the home.

Gun cabinet plans actually come in various forms. Some plans are for kits where the owners assemble the parts included in the package. This actually eliminates the need to search endlessly for different materials in different locations because everything is included in the box. However, gun cabinet plans that go with kits require a degree of wood working skills on the part of the owner. Though all the materials are pre-measured and pre-cut, putting them together still requires time and effort and a lot of woodworking finishing skills.

Other gun cabinet plans are for combination cases which means that there is a gun rack and a separate display case that can be used for trophies or other collectible items. Just like a kitchen hutch, the display case is assembled in two parts. The bottom and the top. Then they're fastened together. The gun cabinet plans for this kind of display case include Tips on how to choose the best wood and where to source it from. Of all gun cabinet plans, this is the most popular.

Some gun owners like the more simple gun racks. This rack is usually used for hunting rifles. Again, because this is an open style rack, care should be made on where it is placed. Meaning, it is secure enough that no unauthorized person has access to it. Gun cabinet plans for gun racks are pretty simple and straightforward. The measurements , the materials and the procedure are explained in easy to understand instructions. Plus, these gun cabinet plans can be customized if you want a more decorative rack or if you want a rack to hold 3 or 6 or even 9 rifles.

Gun cabinet plans are the easiest way to get ideas on what your gun cabinet will look like. Even if you're getting one pre made or built by a furniture maker, it is well worth it to check out gun cabinet plans so that you'll have an idea of what materials are available to use, what the styles are and what your base price it.

Whatever it is you end up with, gun cabinet plans all emphasize one thing: keep guns secure and prevent unauthorized access. When it comes to guns and firearms, safety definitely come first!

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