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When building a house, it is not often that homeowners build a storage shed at the same time. Often times, the storage shed is built after, or when the need arises. This is because as the years go by, there are literally hundreds of things that accumulate, from bikes to sleds to skis to hobby tools. If you're thinking of adding a storage shed in your property, take advantage of the many free storage shed plans available online!

It is surprising how many free storage shed plans are available and for different uses!. They also serve to provide ideas on how to build storage sheds with minimal use of time, effort and money. The easiest way to access these free storage shed plans is online. Each one is different from the other. Some of them offer cost analysis in addition to the design. Some sites that offer free storage shed plans have links to states' building code requirements, or even downloadable forms for building permits where needed.

Here are some of the free storage shed plans available:

1. Garden shed - these free storage shed plans for garden sheds give you details on what you need if you're building a storage place for yard tools, pots, and garden materials. They tend to be small and not complicated to do.

2. Outdoor Trash Barrel Shed - from the free storage shed plans you download, it's easy to determine what lumber you need and what cuts and how many you'll need. It is an easy DIY shed and with a helper, this can be a weekend job.

3. Garden and Tool Shed - looking at different free storage shed plans, you'll notice that this is bigger in size because sometimes, it needs to accommodate riding mowers and other power tools. Do a cost analysis first, if budget is a concern. Because of the amount of lumber used, the finished price of this shed may tend to be more than you've targeted.

4. Lean to Shed - simple structure that leans against the side of a house or a building for support. Many free storage shed plans rate this kind of shed easy to do and doable on a weekend. This is an easy DIY project.

5. Building Shed for a Machine Shop (they even come in different sizes!) - these kinds of shed are combination sheds. They can serve as machine sheds for hobbyists with lots of table power tools, storage areas for different miscellaneous equipment, or they may even be the home office. Most free storage shed plans for these building sheds start with 6 x 6 inches poles. So again, if budget is an issue, make sure you go to your local Home Builder Center and price out materials needed. This way, if you decide to contract it out, you have an idea of what the base price is.

Any additional building adds value to the home. Just make sure that design wise, there is harmony and uniformity. It doesn't matter what size it is, if it's well planned, and well built, and in a good location, then it will look like it was built with the house.

Some people opt for pre made kits. This is another possibility if you do not want to have a contractor build it for you, or if you have the time and the talent to do one yourself. You'll definitely save more with this option.

Free storage shed plans are an excellent option, whether you're on a tight budget or not. Just browsing through the different styles will give you an idea of what yours will look like. And whatever style your house is, with hundreds of free storage shed plans online, there's definitely one that will be a match!

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