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Barn Shed Plans: Find The Right One For Your Needs

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What do you do when you need a place for the sleds, the skis, lacrosse equipment, two riding mowers, the dozens of yard equipment and the hobby power tools, some working and some not? Well, if you're living in the country, you just find a good spot in the property and build! This dilemma was the reason why I've spent days going through barn shed plans a few months ago.And believe me, if you're thinking about building one, don't wing it, you need to look at barn shed plans!

Living in the country is enjoyable because of its easy pace and the bonus gift of being surrounded by nature. Most farm houses are built along simple lines, while others are big and modern with amenities comparable to homes in the city. My husband and I, along with our three boys, moved into his parent's farmhouse that we inherited.

Though he grew up there, he really hadn't lived there in more than 20 years. Yes, we were lucky to move out of a cramped 2-bedroom apartment in the city and move to acres upon acres of fields and meadows and just open spaces for the boys to run around and be boys. But we didn't kid ourselves, we knew there was a lot of work to be done. Renovating the farmhouse and upgrading the electrical system took a good part of six months. And after that, my project of finding the perfect barn shed plans and building them became my next job.

In a working farm, a barn is important because that's where farming equipment, produce, agricultural products, or even animals are house, giving the farmer easy access to check his equipment, farm products or animals. A shed on the other hand is a smaller structure where yard and garden tools are kept. It can also be a storage for pots and other gardening materials, or even a hobby workshop. It is a versatile little structure. This is why when planning to build a barn or shed, it's important to make a list of what your intended use will be and carefully select barn shed plans that will best suit your needs.

There are different designs and types of barn shed plans to choose from as well as the materials used to build them. It took me longer than I thought to zero in on one that fit our needs. And through many trial and error and consultations with neighbors (my husband's cousins), I was able to finally settle on a style I wanted.

Here are important points to consider when evaluating barn shed plans:

 First, determine what you need it for. If it's a barn you're building, what's the ideal size for it to be so it could accommodate all the equipment or all the produce or farm products you want to store. The same thing if it's a shed. What will be its main purpose? Will it be tool storage or will it be a hobby workshop? There are many barn shed plans available that will help you with various options.

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Second, set a budget. When I first saw those barn shed plans, I told my husband I wanted the biggest of the lot so that everything has a place and where not one equipment will ever be left outside anymore. My husband laughed at my inexperience and told me with the budget we have, I'm lucky to get a third of my ideal barn size.

Third, what will it be made of? Depending on where in the country you are, the materials used for your barn or shed must meet building codes. Many barn shed plans will have all these options, and most barn shed plans will be region specific Remember, your barn or shed must be strong and sturdy enough to withstand severe weather conditions. We live in a sleepy New England farm, so our biggest worry is snow on the roof during our dreaded winter seasons.

So, after listing down the important factors to consider, now comes the fun part! How will it look? What color will it be? My boys drew lots on who would choose the color. I reviewed with them all the barn shed plans, complete with color renderings, and told them why we can't have an all-black barn. With bated breath, we waited until the youngest made his announcement. I should not have worried. He didn't stray too much from the norm. So if you're driving along beautiful Vermont roads and spot a big red barn with purple roof, come on in for a cup of tea. Yes, you found the Donaldsons!

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